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The Impact of COVID 19 on Training

Updated: May 30, 2020

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, organizations will have to rapidly and drastically pivot their approach to training. In addition to addressing the Top Four Corporate Training Trends for 2020 as offered by Unboxed Training & Technology (Heim, 2019):

· actionable coaching

· 360 Certification

· more innovative event management

· personalized training through artificial intelligence (AI)

There will be a significant paradigm shift in the way training is delivered, and the technology used to track and measure the effectiveness of training events. We predict a growing trend in the use of virtual learning environments, where appropriate, and an increase in the use of technology-based learning solutions such as AI, eLearning, and gamification.

How will your organization adapt its learning and development strategy to address this new, unfamiliar territory? Is your organization prepared to make the shift? Please post your comments below.

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